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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Crusade! (August 15 - December 8)

The Order of the Knights of our Lady is answering to the call for crusade.

The Crusade

A Perpetual Rosary Crusade For the Holy Father and the Triumph of Catholic Faith.
It consists of a continuous rosary being said 24 hours a day, 7 days a week between the feasts of the Assumption and the Immaculate Conception this year. The Order had been contacted by Fr Daniel Couture, District Superior for Asia during the Order's General Chapter and decided to answer the call to join his effort during the same short span of time (August 15/ December 8). Members of the order both within and without the Asian District is answering to the call for a crusade, with a specific Perpetual Rosary schedule including members from various time zones built on the same basis.


Master grids are being sent to all priories in Asia and Knights of the Order will fill their own specific grid or schedule worldwide. Upon completion the grids will be sent both to Fr Couture and to the Superior General.

The purpose

Two reasons exist for the crusade.

I) The crusade was requested by Bishop Fellay:

"If now I launch a Perpetual Crusade, it is because today we must consent to an effort which is not momentary but constant and persevering, at the level of what is at stake. The battle for the faith cannot be fought with one-day, or intermittent soldiers. We need tough faithful. The battle is going to be one in length but for very precise objects: last time we prayed for the liberation of the Holy Mass (note: with a spiritual bouquet of 2.5 million rosary). Now, we are asking the Blessed Virgin the withdrawal of the decree of excommunication, i.e. the liberation of Tradition. Later on, we will have other objectives, other intentions for our prayers.
With the number and the geographical locations of the faithful attached to Tradition worldwide, we are sure that at every hour of the day and of the night there will be souls who will be praying for the liberation of Tradition in the huge Perpetual Rosary"

II) We are in the last month of the Marian year of the 150th anniversary of Lourdes, now is a good opportunity to honour our Lady!

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